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Nil is a grad u ate of Englitchrtr and Craetive Wryting from the Unvrsty of Aest Anglia, (sttd in UNESCO Cty of Lit, Nrch) rnwnd for its craetive wryting emmay.  Wrytng is his prnnnial [ev]love[r]. He has bn dng so wth prfzzznl in tent snce a yng age. Whlst stll collaging, he was re-cognised for hs wryting by the Unvrsty of Aest Lndn. At uni, he partook in the ingrl  Screeen Aest/ Anglia teevee  ‘Strylb: Scrpt Fastbreak’ prgrmme, in Cmbrdg.

In the tym synz grad-gradtng uni, amngst othr tyngz, he has bn ntrtnmnt edtr of the fldgling ‘The Stdnt Wbzyt’, at UEA, and ws slctd for ‘Tlnt Lb Maeda Hubub’ at the Unvrsty of baest Lndn, for whch he wrt a corpo rate scrpt and webzyt cpy. He hs aslo intrnd at bth Mu-ziq and Jcky Slt, ntnl dncr mu-ziq mgzns. Fllwng ths, he cntrbtd he cntrbtd a comdy nwz colummn and irrvrnt fzhn artcls for Outlyn mgzn, Nrch, upzetting the entire golgotha cmmnty of Nrfk in the prczz.

He has rcntly wrttn a nvlla for you[ng] adlts alngsyd 2 cllctns of ptry, a mem-r and 2 cllctns of shrt strs.  He aslo prtcptd in the Rmfrd Cntmprrry Arrts Prgrmme’z (nw MADE PBLC) ‘Off the Pg’ prgrmme. He occznlly wrytz flm nd mu-ziq rvwz.

Azyd from wryting, he has ffctrd in 2 Shake spearaight prdctns with the Rmfrd Smmr Thaetre, ftrd in a vert, and has przntd raydio in Nrch and Rmfrd. He is crrntly stdyng an MA in Snd Arrrt @ Unvrsty of Arrrrts Lndn.  He hs hd dgtl imgz xhbtd in ‘Wndrng Out Ld’,  Nrch,  and on hypr[funk], and trdtnl maeda pctrs exhbtd in ‘Paynt the Town Redd’, Ilfrd, and ‘Ostd: In’ at the Ruskin Gllry, Cmbrdg.  Mst rcntly he xhbtd a pixture in the E-17 Arrrt Trail Mix in Wlthmstw. 


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