Azzrtd De-zign Azzrtd De-zign Connoisseur (mock up - duh) 202574021 Livewire radio promo shot Missive Sustain 204947272 Poster for 'Federation Left' radio show on Livewire, Norwich 201186623 Advert for Zippy Cycle Couriers *September 201186674 Flyers for 'Crash' club night, Norwich 201186678 On it like a sonnet You gotta slow down 201186683 Image I appropriated for a sticker (2003) 204947269 Visual Communications book Completed during my first, and only, term of a HNC in Multimedia Design at City College, Norwich (2003) 204947265 Page from Visual Communication book 204947268 Poster for The Treehouse restaurant, Norwich 201186652 Flat Share Advertisement 201186673 CD cover redesign 201186675 Future Angel If you like that sort of thing 204935272 Punkin' Instigator The funk back to the punk (cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon) 201186698 Munky Don't worry about the punks, John. 202574163 'Electronaut' clubnight flyer design 201186679 Improbable Flag 204240286 George's Cross (elements) 201843076 Reunion Jack (not me) 201843075 New LGBT flag (less garish) - (elements) 202096430 Stamp of Approval appropriation (elements) 202574212 Obvs 204505857 Cross with the stitches 204944741 Stitching with the crosses 204944742 'Radical Luxury' Satire 205650458